119 vs 911

I’ve decided to get  back into my blogging routine. It’s definitely been awhile since I’ve felt the need to. China life is going pretty alright, nothing too wild. Actually, life has been pretty low key lately. I haven’t been going out or drinking really, and I’ve turned into quite the lone wolf.

Just got home from the hospital, actually. Seems I’ve come down with tonsillitis, yet again. Had the best and most hassle free visit to the Emergency Room tonight, at the China-Japan Friendship Hospital, in Beijing. Every time I visit this place I am continually blown away by the customer care and V.I.P treatment for Foreign patients, in their International Wing. In and out of the hospital within 10 minutes, including an immediate consult with an English speaking doctor. Feeling very lucky and grateful that I’ve finally found a reliable hospital in China. I’ve had some pretty bad experiences in the past with them. I have been turned away while running a fever of 103 by a doctor who claimed he didn’t know how to “treat me” because I wasn’t Chinese. I’ve had doctors refuse to even look at me. I have been stick poked through a “take out” style window, by gloveless nurses and had my fingers jabbed with a needle and straw to suck the blood out for tests. I have had not 1 but 3 examinations in a room of 15 or so other patients all lined up, gathered round to hear what could be wrong with the Foreign girl. I’ve been put in isolation under a suspected H1N1 strain..(thankfully that was negative). And I’ve had some pretty gnarly tests and x-rays. They even do a brain scan, eye tests, ultrasounds, spine test, strength test, bone density, and a number of other strange exams in order to receive a working Visa here.

Definitely feeling stoked that I’ve finally found an awesome Chinese hospital. Not regretting those past visits though. They’ve all made up this wonderfully weird experience that is my China life.

Until next time,






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